Automotive Engineering

Challenging customer demands in areas of prototyping, small-batch production and vehicle modifications and building require maximum degree in felixibility, quality and adherence to schedules. The PTS-Pr├╝ftechnik manages upcoming tasks in following areas with highest quality claims to the task and their work.

Prototype and small-batch production

Exhaust turbo-charger, raw air ducts or a complete new engine concept - rapidly and individual at highest quality, this is what our customers want. And this is what they get. The prototype production requires solution-oriented creativity and frist-class handwork. more

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PTS-Pr├╝ftechnik GmbH
Head quarter
Bettringer Str. 42
73550 Waldstetten

Plant 2
Gottlieb-Daimler-Stra├če 20
73550 Waldstetten

Phone: +49 7171 / 9080 071
Telefax: +49 7171 / 9080 072
Fax PC: +49 7171 / 9080 073
E-Mail: info(at)

Branch Schw├Ąbisch Gm├╝nd
G├╝glingstra├če 106
73529 Schw├Ąbisch Gm├╝nd

Branch Fellbach
Daimlerstra├če 6
70736 Fellbach

Branch Kreut
Burgwaldring 11
86697 Oberhausen / Kreut

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