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Construction & Design

Our team of experienced technicians and design engineers handle internal and external construction and project management tasks. We serve both following extents and additionally requests:

  • Complete project planning and handling
  • Single part and assembly constructions
  • Package investigations
  • Strength and vibration calculation
  • Creation of production drawings
  • Personnel services (also personnel leasing)

Our construction places are equipped with state of the art hardware by HP. Our design engineers are experienced operators of the CAD-system Pro/Engineer respectively Creo and are held on the actual state of knowledge.

Some examples of successfully accomplished projects by our construction department:

  • Concept for the conversion of wet sump to dry sump of a high-performance engine
  • Buildung of a concept engine with a new transmission linking
  • Construction of test rigs for powertrain components including the housing and infrastructure
  • Conception, construction, production and initial operation of a swivelling test rig at the customer's place
  • Construction and uprading of test steering wheels
  • Concept development and implementation of a test cell
  • ....
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    PTS-Prüftechnik GmbH
    Head quarter
    Bettringer Straße 42
    73550 Waldstetten

    Plant 2
    Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 20
    73550 Waldstetten

    Phone: +49 7171 / 9080 071
    Telefax: +49 7171 / 9080 072
    Fax PC: +49 7171 / 9080 073
    E-Mail: info(at)

    Branch Schwäbisch Gmünd
    Güglingstraße 68
    73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Güglingstraße 106
    73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Branch Kreut
    Burgwaldring 11
    86697 Oberhausen / Kreut

    Branch Gifhorn
    Braunschweiger Str. 108
    38518 Gifhorn

    Branch Remshalden
    Fellbacher Straße 37
    73630 Remshalden

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