Test Rig Technology

As a medium-sized company we are a reliable partner of the automotive industry and we are familiar with daily challenges of development departements of OEMs and suppliers. Our Know-how in testing of systems or single parts on test rigs can be found in our products and expands on problem definitions of development areas defined by our customers. For this reason we have developed solutions in test rig technology in order to enable a first class working environment and

  • a maximum flexibility
  • safe jobs for our employees
  • cost-efficient construction, reconstruction and operation of technical plants
  • ressource saving and sustainable technologies

Flexible Mounting System AS 3000E

Our flexible mounting system AS 3000E offers the possibility of an efficient usage of existing test capacities. With this solution it is possible to build a test field starting with one test rig in shortest time. more

Variable Test Cell VPZ 2000E

In order to use perfectly existing spaces the housing for machines and plants shall be flexible. The VPZ2000E provides high variability of interior space and simultaneously shortest setup and change time. more

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