• Komponentenerprobung
  • Komponentenerprobung
  • Komponentenerprobung

Testing of components

We support our customersduring all development steps and testing of starting elements:

  • Consulting of our customers by realization of testing tasks
  • Prior simulation of test runs respectively of testing requirements
  • Fast and flexible realization of testing tasks by our wide test rig technology experience
  • Individual designed test rigs for all test tasks and different powertrain components
  • Execution of single test runs or complete pilot projects
  • Evaluation, interpretation and renovation of measuring results
  • Development support for powertrain components
  • Application of special measuring technology for test pieces and test rigs
  • Wide experience with the testing of several powertrain components

Our testing of powertrain components takes place at electric machine test rigs or special functional test rigs:

  • High dynamic component test rigs for real testing of e.g. transmission parts, hardy discs, side shafts or cardan/drive shafts
  • Test rigs for efficiency testing of Torlon sealing rings, bearings etc.
  • Shaker for testing of body parts respectively rotational frequency test rigs
  • Dynamic hydraulic pulsation like e.g. pulsation of pipes or clutches
  • Torsion test rigs
  • High revenue centrifugation with dynamic distortion measurement
  • Swivel test bench for oil content investigations
  • Special component test rigs in order to determine the hysterese of clutches
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