Industry 4.0 – Digitalizing the Economy

In Industry 4.0 production connects to the most modern information and communication’s technology. Men, machines and industrial processes are linked to each other. Components communicate independently with the production facility and generate their own repair according to need; robots cooperate intelligently with human beings; autonomous transport vehicles take care of logistics orders. That is the idea behind Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is characterized by a strong degree of product customization under highly flexible (high-volume) production conditions. Business associates and customers are integrated directly into the business and value chain. Production and logistic processes are cross-linked business wide. Material flows should be optimized, possible error sources discovered early, and response to customer’s wishes and to market changes should be prompt and flexible. Processes for the self-optimization, self-configuration and self-diagnosis should be more intelligent, and people should be supported in the use of these increasingly complex applications.

“Industry 4.0” itself should convey the 4th industrial revolution.

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