Testing on Test Rigs

Modern engine, powertrain and automotive development requires comprehensive tests and measurement processes, which lead to reliable and reproducable test data. Our testing of several powertrain concepts is based on fully automated and for each requierement individual configurated test rigs. In each test tasks we work with a power unit like described in the requierements document with either a combustion engine or an electric machine. On our test field we conduct functional testing, benchmark investigations, missuse tests, testing on durability etc. respectively all relevant measurands e.g. torsion, torque, revenues and much more.

Road-to-Rig R2R 4x4 Test Rig

Provides a close to reality testing of powertrain systems or whole vehicles on the fastest controlling test rig of the world with a control frequency of 10 kHz. more

Powertrain and Transmission Testing

Individual testing of all powertrain and trasmission variants with a combustion engine or electric machine as power unit. more

Testing of Starting Elements

We conduct investigations of starting elements respectively wear, durability and the determination of relevant data for the application like e.g. hysteresis, towing power or touch point etc.. more


Testing of Components

Investigations of all powertrain components in terms of functionality and durability at different environmental conditions on individual developed testing facilities. more

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