Cooling Circuit Development

Due to more and more stringent emission rules, continuous optimization of efficiency and the diversity of drive strategies like hybrid, mild hybrid, conventional drive strategies, downsizing or electric drives the cooling circuit represents a growing challenge to the engineers. For this reason further development of existing cooling circuits and its components are necessary.

The PTS-Pr├╝ftechnik realises time and cost savings in thermal management by its long-time experience in simulation and real development on test rigs and on the road. The simulation and real development work hand in hand and reduce the development steps to a minimal effort in order to reach timing effectively.

K├╝hlkreislaufentwicklung am Pr├╝fstand

Cooling circuit development on the test rig

The optimization prozess is guaranteed by a complete consideration and development of key indicators. The peformance portfolio includes the optimization of filling and ventilation, the determination of pressure and volume flows etc. more

Cooling circuit development in the vehicle

In vehicles we attach importance to the observance of operating limits, the application of air blower, valves, the best interaction between main and second circle and to Cost down. more

Component measurement and optimization

Component testing deals with the optimization, measurement, downsizing and endurance test of all cooling circuit components. more

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