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In project management we take full control over both entire projects and benefits as an owner's engineer. Our engineering service provides additionally to the design with rapid prototyping virtual testing and test rig engineering.

At testing on test rigs entire vehicles, powertrains, powertrain systems and components, starting elements and transmissions are tested. Besides our approximately 30 test rigs on our test field we operate the at the moment fastest controlling test rig called "Road-to-Rig R2R 4x4". It increases the quality of your develpment results significantly and serves the possibility of RDE tests and measurements (Real Driving Emissins), too. 

Our vehicle testing department tests entire vehicles on the road and offroad on test fields respectively function and the maturity level. Besides endurance tests we also supply special tests such like cab simulation runs, bad gasoline or emission test runs.

The cooling circuit and thermal management development department develops, measures and optimizes cooling circuit sytems as well es its components on test rigs and in vehicles.

Our automotive engineering departement modifies and adapts test vehicles, produces both prototype components and small series such as coolers, turbochargers etc. in high quality manual work.

We serve individual and flexible solutions such as our variable test cell or our variable test rig with a flexible mounting system, which uses the available space in the most efficient way.

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