PTS-Prüftechnik GmbH as employer

To focus on the customer, to provide high quality services, and have fun at work, is only possible with motivated employees who pursue their work with passion. What are we doing to achieve this? How do we reach our target to be part of the best 10% in automotive engineering and testing?

Challenge and support

Challenge and support

At PTS-Prüftechnik our employees benefit from varying challenges, which we face in our daily business. Versatile and interesting fields of activity challenge us – simultaneously, we support our employees and their talents. At our company employees have the possibility to further develop and advance their careers in order to fulfill their tasks in the best possible way.

Participation marathon

Teamwork - in our company not just a term

In order to be team-oriented you should know what working in a team means. Our comprehension of team-minded action is much more than "being able to fit in a group" and "what your role is in the group". The ability to work in a team is for us the willingness to think outside the box and to help each other make daily work and life easier. The ability to work in a team is defined by good, cooperative and process-oriented interaction.

Flat hierarchy, good communication between colleagues, teams and different departments defines our working together. At our company we can count on each other. Our staff itself is a driving force in community building and recommends recreational activities, which we approve of, and gladly support. It begins with the weekly barbecue Fridays and includes the joint participation in competitions like the soapbox derby, marathon and even being a co-driver in the cockpit of a rally car.
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Also our periodic company celebrations and events are highly appreciated by our employees.


Responsibility and sustainability

Our executives take their position as role models very seriously, and are aware of their responsibilities and the importance of their work. They convey our company’s fundamental values and objectives to our employees and manage the business responsibly. The build-up of trustworthy interaction and individual employee management is characteristic of our leadership culture.

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