• K├╝hlkreislaufentwicklung

Cooling Circuit Development on the test rig

Combustion engines, electric motors and all ancillary units require a reliable cooling for indemnification of service life. Our experienced engineers deal with following tasks supported by the most modern test rig and equipment:

  • Determination of first-fill quantities (including vacuum filling) and optimization of ventilation time
  • Analysis of cooling circuits in vehicles (Ôłćp, volume flow of components -70┬░C bis +240┬░C)
  • Optimization of integration (components, additional pumps)
  • Cavitation analysis e.g. water pump, thermostat, cylinder liner
  • Component test rigs for expansion tank layout
  • Stripe measurment
  • 1-D models used from concept through development of whole cooling circuit with clear sightedness-components
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