• Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Many of our customers prefer even in our high digitalized world a touchable object in order to gain the security to decide correctly. Our 3D-printer supports you for these decisions by using CAD-Data to build models in shortest time.
The digital data for the 3D printer can be produced by our design engineers or sent to us. Our 3D printers work with FDM-process (Fused Deposition Modeling) and produce high thermical robust models, which are also reworked by us (e.g. drilled or painted).

Some examples for the adavantages served with our 3D-printer are: construction of prototypes and functional models for concept development or finding of a solution directly at the hardware

  • The models serve as basis for decision for subsequent prototypes or pattern, if different construction alternatives are eligible
  • Function models for package investigations at the objects, e.g. engine compartement
  • Function models for assessment before initial consultation
  • Dummy/Presentation model in order to present it at the customer, e.g. other speciality departments

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