• Erprobung von Anfahrelementen
  • Erprobung von Anfahrelementen
  • Anfahrelemente

Testing of starting elements

We support our customers during all development steps and testing of starting elements:

  • Consulting for our customers during realization of testing tasks
  • Prior simulation of test runs respectively of testing requirements
  • Fast and flexible realization of testing tasks by our own test rig technology experience
  • Individual designed test rigs for all test tasks
  • Execution of single test runs or complete pilot projects
  • Evaluation, interpretation and renovation of measuring results
  • Development support for starting elements
  • Application of special measuring technology for test pieces and test rigs
  • Efficiency and towing force investigations
  • Definition of acceptability standards of starting elements and its acceptability tolerance
  • Wide experience with friction linings and clutch packs
  • Real mapping of oil content of each transmission by inhouse developed conditioning unit with individual adjustable temperature, pressure and volume flow levels

Our testing takes place at electric machine test rigs or special functional test rigs:

  • 3-channel-torque converter
  • 5-channel- torque converter
  • double clutch
  • dry/wet clutch
  • friction lining test rig
  • other kinds of starting elements or components of starting elements
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